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Best Dentist in Scarsdale

Cavities are caused by decay fueled by bacteria. While the thought of visiting the dentist to treat a cavity is unpleasant to nearly everyone, living with the sting, ache or pain caused a cavity must be remedied as quickly as possible. Cavities usually proliferate in childhood, but they can develop at any age, so it is important to understand both the causes and symptoms. Being aware of important prevention techniques can help decrease the chances of developing decay becoming a cavity. It is also helpful to schedule regular cleanings and exams with the best dentist in Scarsdale at Guerrino Dentistry.

Our mouths always contains bacteria. This is completely normal, and is kept in check by good daily dental hygiene, but overtime some bacteria may attach to a tooth’s enamel. If not treated and removed, the bacteria may multiply and develop into plaque. This white film that sits on teeth can cause cavities by wearing away at the enamel and creating tiny openings. Early stages of cavities have few to no symptoms, therefore making regular exams and cleanings a vital aid to your best preventative dental health. Gradually, bacteria may attack multiple layers of the tooth and create a cavity. In even more advanced stages, the inner tooth material may be affected causing sensitivity and toothaches. If you are experiencing such symptoms, it is imperative for you to schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Scarsdale to avoid further damage and eliminate discomfort and pain.

Regular professional dental care is the best way to avoid or limit the progression of cavities, pain, and the need for treatment. At Guerrino Dentistry, patients can be sure that the best dentist in Scarsdale will provide high quality preventative care. Our fine dentists will stress the importance of using the correct toothbrush and brushing  and flossing properly. In addition, they may also suggest making dietary changes that decrease the likelihood of forming cavities. Make an appointment by calling us at (914) 365-7188 to schedule a dental exam today!


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