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10583 Night Guards

Where can I find 10583 night guards?

Have you ever woken up with soreness in your jaw? You may be experiencing bruxism, which can cause damaging effects on your smile and jaw if left untreated. At Guerrino Dentistry in Scarsdale, our exceptional 10583 night guards can treat many jaw disorders, including moderate to severe bruxism. Our patients consider us a trusted dentist in Scarsdale because of our consistently excellent, family-friendly practice, including ever important, night guard treatments. At Guerrino Dentistry, the health of your family’s dental health, is in the best of hands.

10583 Night Guards

Patients suffering from bruxism in the Scarsdale community and surrounding neighborhoods are generally treated with 10583 night guards, which are oral appliances that are worn when a patient sleeps, and are operative in keeping the jaw slightly parted. Wearing night guards prevents bruxism (the grinding and clenching of the jaw that occurs at night) as well as a number of other damaging results, such as muscle strain, chipped or cracked teeth, or excessive pressure on the joint (also known as TMJ syndrome).

Bruxism can often be attributed to stress and anxiety; other symptoms may include other sleep disorders, an abnormal bite, or teeth that are missing and/or poorly aligned. Bruxism is not always confined to night time, although it typically occurs most when a patient is asleep, and can result in a patient waking up several times throughout the night.

Living with bruxism can be daunting, but at Guerrino Dentistry in Scarsdale, the health of your jaw and smile, and a good night’s sleep, can be tended to and maintained. With our state-of-the-art 10583 night guard appliances, you will be provided with exceptional preventive action to impede the damaging effects bruxism can cause. To schedule a consultation with our dentist, contact our office today.


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