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Smiles get a lot of attention. We all strive to keep our teeth in pearly white, pristine condition but our gums play the vital role of supporting our vibrant smiles. That’s why it’s important to visit your trusted, local Scarsdale dentist at Guerrino Dentistry for regular teeth cleanings and periodontal evaluations. We provide screening services and offer a comprehensive menu of treatments and procedures to make sure that any issue affecting the health of your gums is detected and treated early on, when there is the best chance to halt and even reverse the problem.

At Guerrino Dentistry, compassionate care is our specialty so when you visit our office expect an attentive and comfortable experience. Our staff is here to address any questions or concerns you may have so that you’re provided with the highest levels of individualized attention during your periodontal evaluation. It’s our goal to keep your gums healthy and you happily smiling so it’s important to understand how gum disease can compromise your smile.  Periodontal disease can begin largely unnoticed because it is often symptomless. But, down the road, did you know that it’s the number one cause of tooth loss in adults? It starts out as a bacterial infection due to the accumulation of plaque, and its more advanced form known as tartar, along the gum lines. If left untreated, inflammation occurs and can progress to a more serious condition known as periodontitis. In severely advanced cases, even the jawbone is gradually eroded with tooth loss being the ultimate result. Periodontal disease has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, pulmonary disease and other conditions. That’s why healthy gums are not just vital to your oral health but to your overall well-being as well.

As a leading Scarsdale dentist, we emphasize the importance of early detection measures so gum disease can be diagnosed and treated in its earliest stages. Give our office a call today to schedule a periodontal evaluation.


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