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Teeth Whitening in Scarsdale

Scarsdale Teeth Whitening

Are you considering teeth whitening in Scarsdale? Stains and discolorations can detract from the aesthetic appeal of your teeth but the field of cosmetic dentistry offers many ways to improve the appearance of your smile. At Guerrino Dentistry, we consider it a privilege to serve the dental needs of patients across Westchester County, NY. We offer an extensive selection of the latest treatment options to help you realize your cosmetic goals. Our highly-acclaimed whitening procedure can produce a visibly whiter smile in under an hour if you choose our in-office procedure. We value our patients time so we also offer a convenient take home kit if your schedule is tight.

Teeth whitening has soared in popularity as more and more people become image conscious nowadays. If you’ve walked into any grocery store or pharmacy recently, you would be hard pressed not to notice the abundance of over-the-counter products that claim to whiten teeth. However, these products vary widely in methods of use, price, and most importantly,

Teeth Whitening in Scarsdale

effectiveness. In fact, some of these products contain abrasive ingredients which can damage your teeth. If you’re seeking teeth whitening in Scarsdale, it’s best to go to the professionals at Guerrino Dentistry. We’ve helped countless patients achieve a more luminous smile and we’re confident we can do the same for you. Our in-office procedure takes as little as an hour and can brighten your teeth by up to 8 shades. We understand that you may have a busy schedule so we also can provide a customized,  at-home whitening system as an added convenience for our patients. Teeth whitening occurs more gradually than the in-office treatment, but the results can be just as effective.

When you choose Guerrino Dentistry to perform your teeth whitening in Scarsdale, you are choosing the premier dental practice of Westchester County. Our friendly and caring  team will be glad to help improve the appearance of your smile and your self-confidence with any one of our popular cosmetic treatments. Give us a call today to schedule any appointment for any of your family’s dental needs.


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